Alcohol Abuse Support in Luton

Alcohol Abuse Support in Luton

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism was once seen as something that typically only affected the middle aged, generally those living high stress lifestyles. This is certainly no longer the case, and today’s figures shown that the problem is now more common among those in the younger age groups, with women between 16-24 and men between 25-35 most commonly affected.

Another change in the general perception towards alcohol abuse is that it’s now classified as a disease, and a serious, progressive disease at that – the term progressive meaning that the effects of alcohol abuse will become increasingly severe the longer the disease remains untreated.

The causes for alcoholism are widespread. There is no “one reason” for alcoholism, but whether it be a genetic pre-disposition towards the alcohol, stress in daily life, personal social values towards drinking, or just the psychological need to “escape”, it’s important to get help for alcohol abuse as soon as possible. Alcohol abuse can also mask a plethora of other health issues, including mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Of course, getting help isn’t always straight forward. For someone that regularly drinks excessive quantities of alcohol, the risk of alcohol dependency may increase to such an extent that it’s impossible for them to function day to day without drinking. They may also find their life revolving more and more around the compulsion to drink, actively seeking out the next opportunity to alleviate the cravings caused by the addiction, and this makes self-diagnosis difficult.

A correct diagnosis of alcoholism is often dependant on whether the person affected is willing to openly answer a series of abuse-related questions concerning their drinking patterns or attitude to the disease, and for many they may either refuse to admit they have the problem, or in some cases are simply unaware of the addiction.

If you’re worried that you drink excessively and need support, or you know someone who does and the knock-on effects of his or her alcoholism are causing you pain, please get in touch with us today. Stepping Stones Luton offer a range of services for alcohol abuse and addition to suit all types.

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