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Little Need for Boats: Walking on Water

I had a week off in Costa del Luton - really was with the weather over 90 each day. The only thing missing was the sea but unplanned we went to Bournemouth for a couple of days. The sea and sand lovely and the beaches full not to mention the four poster bed!! Back in [...]

Health and Social Care Foundations

The following article is a project assignment by Nicole Newbery. We thought it would be a great thing to share since it provides further insight into the work that Stepping Stones Luton undertakes. We hope you enjoy her work. Introduction Stepping Stones is “an independent, non-profit making, Community interest company.” Stepping Stones offer free and [...]

Drug or Alcohol Abuse Support

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: 5 Steps to Take Back Control It's a sad fact today that more than 185 million people around the world suffer from drug addiction. Furthermore, recent research also claims that 1 in 13 people is either an alcoholic, or drinks excessively. These are very disturbing statistics. The sad thing about such [...]

Drug Addition Support in Luton

Warning Signs of Drug Addiction Life can seem as though it's a constant battle these days with so many pressures and difficulties pushing in from every side. It is hard enough for an individual to steer clear of threats and problems but for a family, things can be even tougher. The hectic pace of modern [...]

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Alcohol Abuse Support in Luton

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism was once seen as something that typically only affected the middle aged, generally those living high stress lifestyles. This is certainly no longer the case, and today's figures shown that the problem is now more common among those in the younger age groups, with women between 16-24 and men between 25-35 [...]