The Stepping Stones Team

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Stepping Stones employs a number of full time and part time paid staff members and works with a team of volunteers to deliver its services.

Service Manager

Karrina Usher joined Stepping Stones in August 2016 as Women’s Services Manager, overseeing our women’s team. Karrina’s background is in the welfare to work sector with her particular specialism being working with adults on employment support allowance who are looking to get into work. She recently undertook the role of acting Operations Manager for a period of four months.

Childcare Manager

Linda Rogers joined Stepping Stones in 2009 and is one of our longest standing employees. Linda has over twenty years experience working with children and has been a foster carer outside of work. Linda started with us as a Nursery Assistant before undertaking management training and becoming our Childcare Manager in 2010. Linda oversees the Childcare team as well as the meal planning; ensuring the dinners and snacks prepared for children visiting us are healthy and nutritious.

Women’s Support Practitioners

Stepping Stones employs  nine Women’s Support practitioners who are responsible for delivering one to one and group interventions for clients in Luton and the Central Beds area.

Childcare Assistants

Stepping Stones employs three Childcare Assistants who are responsible for supervising the children in our crèche and planning and leading activities.


Our Stepping Stones Cook is responsible for planning, preparing and serving meals and snacks to children and their parents (attending specific programmes). The role also monitors our food safety hygiene adherence and supports the Childcare manager in ensuring we meet Food Inspection standards.


Our team administrator is often our first point of call for referrals and helps us keep running a tight ship. She is responsible for ensuring our data is collected and reported on time and making sure the team have the equipment they need to do their jobs fully.


We work with a team of volunteers in different areas of the organisation. Our volunteers are a critical part of our team adding extra skills and capacity to the organisation. More information about current volunteer vacancies can be found in here.

Current volunteer roles include:

  • Counsellors on student placements or following qualification
  • Women’s support volunteers
  • Childcare volunteers
  • Support service volunteers