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In the UK there are thousands of charities and non-profit organisations that make huge efforts to help the local community. We would be truly honored if you choose to help Stepping Stones and the hundreds of women we support each year.

Everyone at Stepping Stones is passionate about fundraising and we truly appreciate every bit of help and support we receive.

Fundraising is one of the most honorable things you can do. So to help you we have made a list of ideas to raise money for charity, from a simple jam jar to running a marathon. Helping us can be fun and entertaining and Niki and Denise are always on hand to assist any way they can.

If you have any further ideas we would love to hear from you. We will support your fundraising ideas in any way we can.

Ideas to raise money for charity


Sponsored (Walk, Run, Climb, Cycle, Swim, Dance or Triathlon)

If you’ve secured a place in the London Marathon, walking the Peak District, climbing Snowdon or cycling London to Brighton. Raising money for charity is the best motivation to keep going.

  • Pick an event that’s right for you, there are so many fun events you can get involved in
  • If organising your own event, pick the date and time where friends and family can come along to support you
  • Get together with friends, family or colleagues – doing it together is much more fun
  • Write your story about what you want to achieve, why you’re doing it and why you have chosen to help Stepping Stones
  • Make it easy for anyone to donate, download a sponsorship form and set up a give as you live page
  • Share your story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and as many as you can to gain support
  • Tell us about it, we will add your story to our website to boost your fundraising

On, before and after the event

  • Any physical challenge takes training, start a diary and share online
  • If possible take photos and post on social media as you progress
  • Make mental notes of the challenges, the highlights and even when it gets tough
  • You’ve finished, reward yourself with a massive treat (we love chocolate cake)
  • Finally when you’ve caught your breath, thank everyone with a great story, what you’ve achieved and what you’re planning to do next

There may be people at your chosen event already raising money for Stepping Stones, see our fundraisers page and make some new friends.


Jam Jars

A simple, but fun way for the whole family to raise money for charity

. Loose change clutters up purses and wears holes in pockets so why not throw it into a Jam Jar and donate it to charity.

  • Gather together a glass jar with lid, pens, paper, glitter, glue and some card
  • Decorate the outside of the Jar, as creatively as you can, to make sure it’s never missed
  • Make a card, this can stand beside your jar, you could even invite donors to write a little message in the card to being cheer to everyone at Stepping Stones

When your Jar is full

  • Secure the lid and bring it along to our offices, Niki or Denise will be happy to take it to the bank
  • If this is not possible, most banks have coin counting machines so you could write us a cheque or go to our dedicated Jam Jar appeal page on give as you live to make a payment online

We appreciate the huge effort everyone makes with this and were always happy to see photos of your decorated Jam Jars, please email them to


Home Cooked (Sunday Roast / Summer BBQ / Dinner Party)

Everyone loves home cooked food, especially when turned into a fun occasion. We’ve got some great ideas for turning these occasions into fundraising events making everyone feel especially good.

  • Plan your menu with Starters, Main & the all-important Pudding
  • Don’t forget some of your guest may be vegetarian / vegan / dairy intolerance / nut allergies / Gluten free
  • Practice your menu, and take some photos to use on your invites
  • Invite as many as you can seat, you may consider a second date for those who can’t attend the first sitting at your fine-dining experience
  • Let your guests know why you arranged your feast and ask them to make a donation (let them know in advance so there are no surprises)
  • Have a great time. We appreciate all the hard work and organisation that goes into these events, and we know you’ll have great fun hosting it.

We love food and fun, so please send us pictures of your party.


Celebration Giving

At birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, christenings, and retirement parties, we would be delighted if you would support Stepping Stones as part of your celebration.

By asking family and friends to make a donation instead of buying you a gift, you could help transform the lives of vulnerable women and their children living in Luton.

It’s really easy to organise:

  • Create a giving page on give as you live. This can be created weeks before your celebration.
  • Let everyone know in advance what you’re planning.
  • On the day, you’ll probably get lots and lots of congratulations on social media, share your give as you live link
  • If you’re having a large celebration like a Wedding, Christening or Retirement Party why not set up an oversize Jam Jar (see above) made from a vase?

Whatever you are celebrating, everyone at Stepping Stones hopes you have a wonderful time.

Other Ideas

If you have any more ideas to raise money for charity you’d like to suggest please contact Niki or Denise on

We have a number of fun ideas for fundraising at work