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The Stepping Stones Great Britain Challenge!

After the past 18 months, the Stepping Stones team is taking on a fitness challenge!  We want to improve our health and wellbeing while raising money that will directly fund our support for vulnerable women and children. We would love it if you could help by making a donation by clicking here  

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Celebrating Women of Colour

This display has been prominent in our office for over a year now.  We recognise and celebrate the achievements of women of colour through the year at Stepping Stones. These women are groundbreaking, but not unique.  Every day we work with and support women of colour who show tremendous courage, tenacity, and determination to move [...]

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Celebrating women at the Gurdwara Luton

Our brilliant Support Practitioners, Sharon and Donna, were both recently invited to be part of an all-day workshop at our local Gurdwara to celebrate Sikh women. They were delighted to attend and hosted sessions with both 8-11 year olds and 12 years + to challenge common stereotypes and negative attitudes towards women. We were honoured [...]

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Thank you Challney High School for Girls

We are so grateful to the girls of 8P from Challney High School for Girls for their amazing efforts to support our charity and survivors of domestic abuse. Today Denise accepted over 4500 individual items of toiletries that the girls had collected.  On top of this, as part of their First Give UK  project they [...]

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Getting creative in childcare

This week some of our mums decided that they would like to use the space at Stepping Stones to get creative.  We were more than happy to oblige and were expertly helped by Linda, our childcare manager.  With childcare back open, they could safely leave their children in our care, allowing them the time to [...]

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As part of celebrating Volunteer's Week we have asked our volunteers past and present about their experiences of working with us.  They did not disappoint! We are just so grateful to have worked with such an amazing group of women.  

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