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The Strengthening Families Programme (UK) is a seven-week programme which is delivered weekly over two hours. Each two-hour meeting consists of a parent/carer session and a young people’s session running in parallel for the first hour. This is followed by a one-hour family session where parent/carer and young people work together.

Parent/carer sessions include:

Using love and limits; encouraging good behaviour; using consequences; building parent-youth relationships; protecting against substance misuse.

Young people’s sessions include:

Having dreams and goals; appreciating parents; dealing with peer pressure and the characteristics of good friends.

Family sessions bring together key points through activities promoting the attributes and development of positive families.

Targeted outcomes of the programme include:

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  • Strengthening Parent/ Youth relationship
  • Increased Parenting skills
  • Reduced youth aggressive and hostile behaviour
  • Increased academic success
  • Prevention of substance use/ misuse