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Beyond Trauma:  A Healing Journey for Women

[/fusion_image] This is 11 week closed group has been developed for women based on theory, research and clinical practice.

Beyond Trauma has a psycho-educational component that teaches women what trauma is, its process, and its impact on both the inner self (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values) and the outer self (behaviour and relationships, including parenting).

There are three primary focus areas

Understanding the dynamics of violence, abuse and trauma.

Understanding the impact of trauma on women’s lives.

Learning how to live with and to heal from trauma.

The program uses cognitive-behavioural techniques, expressive arts, and is based on the principles of relational therapy.

Beyond Trauma promotes a strength-based approach that seeks to empower women and increase their sense of self.

Programmes written and developed by Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D.