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Stepping Stones offers a range of services to support mums or carers of children.

We work with mums who are looking to develop their parenting skills and/or need support to navigate social care procedures. This can include attending meetings with you to help put across your views, as well as working with you to meet Local Authority requirements and/or work with you to keep your children safe.

Group programmes

In 2018/19 we will be running the following programmes as part of our partnership with Flying Start:

Nurture Parenting  Programme:

Closed group-based programme where parents attend 11 weekly sessions (three hours duration each session) and covers four areas:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Appropriate expectation
  3. Empathy
  4. Positive discipline

By the end of the programme the client will have gained a knowledge and understanding of the following:

– why children behave as they do

– recognising the feeling behind behaviour (their own and their children’s)

– different approaches to discipline

– ways to develop co-operation and self-discipline in children

– the importance of looking after ourselves

The Nuture Parenting Programme is for mothers with children aged 19 months up to 5 years.

Free childcare places (Ofsted registered Good) are available for those who are eligible and wish to take part.

Mellow Parenting Programme:

Closed group-based programme where parents and child attend 14 weekly sessions (five hours duration each session). Parents are visited in their homes before the programme to record their interaction with their child which will be observed in future sessions.

The day is split into four parts:

  • Morning session: is a personal group where mums explore their own childhood and current experiences. This allows mums to reflect and consider how their past may affect their current caregiving.
  • Lunch: where mother and child will eat together with the trained facilitators, where we observe the interaction during feeding time and reflect on what was seen.
  • Afternoon: the parent will then go into childcare (Ofsted registered Good) and participate in an activity with their child.
  • Final session: a parenting workshop that looks more into depth at the development of toddlers. This covers; understanding parenting, crying, feelings, play etc. We will also look/provide feedback on the parents own interaction from before the programme.

‘Have a go’ activities are given at the end of sessions to encourage parents to apply what they have learned in their home.

Free childcare places (Ofsted registered Good) are available for those who are eligible and wish to take part.

One to one work

One to one sessions with a Women’s Support Practitioner who will be able to:

  • Guide clients through social care procedures
  • Assist them to work towards court/social care requirements
  • Provide emotional support, advocate, and share information appropriately with key partners
  • Make referrals to other specialist parenting or early years providers

Group work

One to one or small group work with our childcare team – Including stay and play and bespoke parenting skills development work. In exceptional cases we also provide contact sessions for mothers and their children if private contact cannot be arranged.